Surprise Windfall Pension !

Out of the blue, the ole man received R7800 in May, he says. Then R7800 in July. A surprise pension from the UK !!? The Poms giving something back for World War 2 !? If that’s what it is – £780 after 70 years! – it amounts to about ten quid a year! Did theyContinue reading “Surprise Windfall Pension !”

Dad’s Coffee Cups in Cairo

In the Cairo bazaar Dad watched an Armenian man making coffee cups. He worked on a wooden lathe that his father had hand-made, he said. He was spinning silver – thin sheets of silver – a wheel presses the silver onto a wooden cup-shaped form as it rotates, spreading and shaping the metal. He saidContinue reading “Dad’s Coffee Cups in Cairo”

Dad’s War Medals

Spotted these visiting the folks this week. I’ve seen them over the years when Dad would wear them to special MOTH* do’s, but have never really paid much attention. This time I photographed them and asked about them. He told me: Left Star – 1939 – 1945 war; Second Star with red white and greenContinue reading “Dad’s War Medals”

World War 2 – 94yr-old Dad reminisces

DRAFT – WORK IN PROGRESS Dad was in the SA Signal Corps in the South Africa Defence Force (or the “Union Army”?). They fought in Egypt and Italy (in the 8th army – British). My military terminology will be found amateur and dodgy, but I’ll fix where I’m told to! Yes SIR! Egypt SA playedContinue reading “World War 2 – 94yr-old Dad reminisces”