That grassland can kill you, man!

Bill lives in one of the council houses at the bottom of our cul de sac. Nice chap. I think he worked for the eThekwini corpse, and I’m guessing  that’s how he got to rent here. But I’m guessing.

Nice chap. Worried about people not doing things the way he wants them, and always quick to point out anything wrong.

Comes up to me in the PnP supermarket this weekend and says:

DO I KNOW!? He saw a big mfezi in my garden! AND:

Do I know what an mfezi is?!

Wow! That’s great! A Mocambique spitting cobra, Bill! Where’d you see it?
In your garden.
Yes, but where? I’d love to see it.
That thing can kill you man!

Actually I think what Bill means is “You should cut your grass!” See, I have sections of neatly-mown lawn. But I also have meadow, and a beautiful section of grassland, and it’s visible from the gate.

10 Elston Garden Jan'14 (9)
– lush meadows –

So sadly, no mfezi in my garden, I don’t think.

I haven’t told Bill about the concept of wu wei – “Masterful Inactivity.” Don’t want him to think I’m weird.But you can learn about my secret vice here.

Elston Garden Xmas Day 2018
– these guys love my meadows –



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