Golden Mole

Hey Dad! What’s that in the pool!? shouts Jess this morning. It’s a mole, swimming rather desperately, gulping for air every so often, head underwater between. I rush for the poolnet and get him onto the lawn where he starts burrowing under the grass right away. Well saved, Jessie! golden mole Remember: Golden moles: TinyContinue reading “Golden Mole”

wu wei

My garden is a wonderful tangle of KwaZulu indigenous growth gone wild. Interfered with only by my best man Tobias Gumede’s earnestly-felt desire to do something. Recently he trimmed the undergrowth near the birdbath and the spot where beautiful turquoise Araneus apricus spins her web each night and takes it down every morning. I hadContinue reading “wu wei”

That grassland can kill you, man!

Bill lives in one of the council houses at the bottom of our cul de sac. Nice chap. I think he worked for the eThekwini corpse, and I’m guessing  that’s how he got to rent here. But I’m guessing. Nice chap. Worried about people not doing things the way he wants them, and always quickContinue reading “That grassland can kill you, man!”

A Whip Around The Garden

I was actually looking for a pregnant chameleon. Didn’t spot her, but snapped flowers, including some non-indigenous interlopers – Aitch was a softie towards the end, and allowed some strange plants in. Also a (deceased) bush squeaker and a grasshopper – which reminds me: I must tell you the story of grasshoppers one day .Continue reading “A Whip Around The Garden”