Enthusiasm for Dad’s Interests

Quick guys! Come and look!

Picking up Labrador poo on the lawn I notice a black mass about the size of a doormat. As I get closer I see its moving. Thank goodness it’s a hatching of tiny locusts, not Sambucca’s finest dump.

Quick, come look!

(reluctantly): What? What is it?


Grumble grumble moan moan. What is it?

As they get there the hoppers start scattering, hundreds all hopping off in different directions. Beautiful black and yellow striped midgets.

Oh, that?

Um, very interesting Dad.

Yes, VERY interesting.

*rolling of eyes and digging each other in the ribs*

Hoppers on the move

Elston Creatures (84)

Turn round and go back to YouTube, Jess to Justin Bieber’s wailing monotone and Tom to Lil Wayne’s screeching monotone.

A short while later it’s Jessie’s turn to call me:

Dad!! Come quick! Come now!


Look! There’s TV in our room at The Cavern! (points at pics on their website)

Her idea of heaven in the Drakensberg.

(Meantime there wasn’t. She was looking at the de-luxe suites, I had booked the un-luxe rooms)

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