My Memory Glands

People (mistakenly) say that I am forgetful.
I think I have selective, random, disjointed hypermnesia.

I remember all sorts of shit . .
Might not be WHAT I want to remember, might not be WHEN I want to 
remember it, but I still think I got hypermnesia.
Word of the Day:  hypermnesia
\hye-perm-NEE-zhee-uh\   noun
: abnormally vivid or complete memory or recall of the past
Larry responded from Ohio:
My condition is remarkably similar -- and people also say (correctly, I fear) that I am 
forgetful. Not that I've actually forgotten anything; it's just that I don’t remember it 
at the correct moment. I'll remember someone's birthday is coming up weeks in advance -- 
too soon to do anything about it -- and then again after the fact. But NOT at the moment 
when it's appropriate to act.

And then there are all the things I know that I know, but that I can’t seem to summon to 
memory precisely when I want to recall them -- the way I used to be able to. 
They tell me that's more or less part of the natural aging process. I'm waiting for the 
signs indicating the onset of Alzheimer's.

Bottom line: I don’t think you're suffering from hypermnesia. 
It's more likely geriamnesia -- forgetting you're getting older. 
If that's not a word, it should be. It's a condition many baby boomers have intentionally 

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