We have not been able to reach you

On 2013/02/20 12:34 PM, carshop wrote:

Dear Thomas,

We have been unable to contact you since your vehicle enquiry from CMH Land Rover Silver Lakes. Please contact Org R on 012 8_9 5__0 from CMH Land Rover Silver Lakes to discuss your vehicle enquiry. Feel free to contact our support centre by email carshop@cmh.co.za or call us on 0861 carshop should you experience any difficulties.



Hi there

I’m sorry!
Thomas is 11yrs old and was on a “wishing” spree without my knowledge!
Please cancel this request.
Thanks a lot


Hi Pete,

Thank you for your response, I’ll cancel your – or shall I say Thomas’s – request with the dealer.

Glad the boy has good taste in cars.

Keep well.

Kind Regards

Carshop Team Leader


From: Pete
Sent: Wednesday, February 20, 2013 2:15 PM
To: carshop
Subject: Re: We have not been able to reach you


Brauer: Fully understandable. Having been forgotten to be picked up at school so often by his dad he deserves his own wheels and shouldn’t be embarrassed in front of his peers by arriving in a skadonk;

Reed: Would Evoque some ire no doubt! Hope it was the Diesel Turbo 6 speed manual. (Probably the automatic, though, so he could drive it).

Stoute: Where’s their sense of humour? Didn’t even offer him a test drive!


skadonk – Land Rover

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