email from Aitch

My blog from the kids’ early daze disappeared; Swallowed up by a technology burp. Irretrievable. I tried. Aitch tried . .

Subject: Kids Stories

From: Trish

Date: 2009/06/08 08:27 AM

To: 0Pete work

Hi my love,
I’ve had a few people now asking me to try and get you to retrieve your stories from the Amagama website . . and get going elsewhere . . .
I think it’s definitely worth a try…whaddaya think?
Janet is one who says whenever she needs a laugh or a bit of silliness to temper any stress she may be experiencing, that’s where she goes. She’s now distraught – her ‘therapy’ has disappeared !!
I think you gotta at least try – you’re in demand!
I also need to get rid of these begging people!!
love you..
Yr Aitch

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