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Years of Scribbling!

I just got this:

10 Year Anniversary Achievement

Happy Anniversary with!You registered on 10 years ago.

Thanks for flying with us. Keep up the good blogging.



Yikes! Before that I blogged with from May 2001 – they went belly up.

Hey, not because of  me!
I managed to rescue a few of my posts thanks to the wayback machine but many were lost forever.
Kids 2008 and Kids 2018


Here’s an oldie from early wordpress days:

So who’s actually the baker here?

Mom n Tom choose a cake for his party: A great big rocket with a number SEVEN emblazoned in smarties on its side, a star-shaped base and gleaming red aluminium foil cone and fins. They choose the mixing bowl, run the Kenwood, prepare the star-shaped pan and – at last – pop the first part into the pre-heated oven.

It’s a hot, muggy day and Aitch plops down into a chair in the breakfast nook and smiles at Tom.

Mom! he says, I couldn’t have done that without you!



It gets worse. Later on he thinks of something and goes up to Aitch.

Mom, what treat can I get for helping you? he asks.

Hmmm, says Aitch. Who’s cake is this?


So what do I get for helping YOU?

A hearty handshake, says the incorrigible one, without missing a beat.


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Opening Night

‘Break a leg!’

‘Hope you have lots of shit!’

Dusty Muffin’s blogpost on thespian good wishes.

I ‘met’ Dusty when I first started blogging. She gave me good advice but I procrastinated and so lost everything on So then I finally switched to – late – as she had advised earlier. Shoulda listened!

Luckily I usually emailed my stuff to friends before posting it, so was able to reconstruct a lot of it.

Dusty now blogs at – go and check out her life in the Mthropolis of Mthatha.

Dusty Muffin

You wish thespians good luck by telling them to break a leg. My favourite version of the origin of the saying is this one: In traditional curtains, the legs of the curtain were constructed from long wooden rods. In the case of many encores, curtains would be lifted and dropped numerous times causing them to ‘break’.

“I wish you much shit” is the Italian version:

In days of yore, patrons arrived at the theatre in horse-drawn carriages. A side effect of horses is, well…shit. So a large audience would result in large piles of shit outside the theatre.

I like.

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email from Aitch

My blog from the kids’ early daze disappeared; Swallowed up by a technology burp. Irretrievable. I tried. Aitch tried . .

Subject: Kids Stories

From: Trish

Date: 2009/06/08 08:27 AM

To: 0Pete work

Hi my love,
I’ve had a few people now asking me to try and get you to retrieve your stories from the Amagama website . . and get going elsewhere . . .
I think it’s definitely worth a try…whaddaya think?
Janet is one who says whenever she needs a laugh or a bit of silliness to temper any stress she may be experiencing, that’s where she goes. She’s now distraught – her ‘therapy’ has disappeared !!
I think you gotta at least try – you’re in demand!
I also need to get rid of these begging people!!
love you..
Yr Aitch