Must have 4X4

We only got stuck four times. Once on the beach at Lake Malawi and three times on or near beaches in Moçambique.

In Malawi I got out to let down my tyres but a group of people from nearby ran up: “No, no. Don’t. We’ll push you out!”
Turns out they were Bahá’í Faith folks having a picnic on a day of religious significance to them (maybe the Birth of the Báb in 1819?). They believe in World peace. Me too, brothers! World peace, a friendly push and not having to re-inflate my tyres is what I believe in! Handshakes and good wishes all round.

All three times in Moz we didn’t have long to wait and a guy rolled up in a Land Rover or a Land Cruiser, stopping in front of us and shaking his head pityingly in his tight khaki shorts. “You really must have 4X4,” he’d say and I’d agree and ooh and aah about his rugged vehicle. Then he’d pull us out chop-chop, tell us where they had been, tell us where NOT to go (and make that route sound so exciting that we’d sometimes go exactly there!), and then drive away still shaking his head.

I reckon if we had gone in a 4X4 we would have missed out on some good advice** and on meeting some friendly people!


I blogged about our trip here:


** mainly: ‘You can’t drive here in that thing!’

We have been given other good advice in Africa.


That beautiful tricked-out-OTT Landrover in the main pic belongs to Sam Watson, who contacted me to tell me that, then didn’t answer my query on whether he wears tight khaki shorts. Check out his blog


  1. zerzura says:

    That white Defender in your banner headline pic is my truck 🙂

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    1. bewilderbeast says:

      Oh Wow! It certainly is a beauty! I hope you don’t dress like Steve Irwin? 😉 – OK for me to use the image? Do you want a link to your website? (Send if you do).


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