On Safari with a Bushman – 3. Cook’s Tour

Cook’s Tour: Zambia, Malawi and Mozambique via Botswana. We only had a month, so not as leisurely as we would have liked. Can hardly believe it was fourteen years ago! The kids are now 19 and 15! Mostly we drove at a leisurely pace and didn’t do great distances. We did put in a longContinue reading “On Safari with a Bushman – 3. Cook’s Tour”

Five Forests

Just back from a Five Days, Five Forests birding trip to Zululand: Nkandla, Entumeni, Dlinza, Ngoye forests; and St Lucia coastal forest. My highlight was Ngoye, about which I’ve heard so much over the years. Especially after Aitch went without me: “Have you been to Ngoye Koos? Oh, no, I remember, you haven’t. So youContinue reading “Five Forests”

Low Flying in Malawi

We flew in on our first trip to Malawi. Just me and Aitch. At Lilongwe airport we hired a car from the brochures on the desk, not from the kiosks in the airport. Well, man on the phone said they didn’t have any presence at the airport to save money, but they were nearby, they’dContinue reading “Low Flying in Malawi”

Hook, Line & Sinker

In  2008 we took ourselves up to Mabibi. Lovely snorkelling spot on the Zululand coast. Aitch had just finished her chemo and this is what she chose as her “what would you like to do now?” With best friends Jon & Dizzi. We luxuriated in the lodge and went for a daily snorkel in theContinue reading “Hook, Line & Sinker”

Thutty Yizz! (that's '30yrs' to you)

Aitch never held my culinary skills in high regard. Her favourite meal to mock was my chicken-onion-n-potato-in-a-pot special which she described as pale and tasteless. It wasn’t. It just looked bland. With a touch of salt and black pepper and enough red wine taken internally it was fine. She was right about my braaiing skills,Continue reading “Thutty Yizz! (that's '30yrs' to you)”

Generous Souls

Off we went to St Lucia estuary for a camping long weekend. Let’s take the minimum guys, we can buy food locally. Just clear out the fridge and bread bin and let’s go. We’ll buy charcoal and meat and etc from the local Spar. I didn’t even take any wine!Let’s take a tent for theContinue reading “Generous Souls”

Chernobyl Gas Leakage

April         1986: Disaster at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Station in the Ukraine. September 1986: Disaster in the Gillmer’s old kombi near Cradock en route to the Fish. The trouble started with Black Label beer and Ship Sherry. I had wanted to buy a bottle of Old Brown, but I had fallen amongstContinue reading “Chernobyl Gas Leakage”

Jess the Spotter

Walking single-file to supper in Thembe Elephant Park camp one early evening with Jess bringing up the rear. “Dad there’s a snake!” she said, and pointed out this vine snake at about her eye level two foot off the path. We had all walked past it. Beautiful. Aitch took the pic. She’s a great spotter,Continue reading “Jess the Spotter”

Culinary Tour de Force

Ndumo – Camping alone – Extract from my diary:Tonight I decide to cook rice, lentils, green beans, potatoes and chicken washed down with a fine claret in a silver goblet. Mug. OK, it’s actually stainless steel. YUM!!! If you must know, the meal was actually a KOO tin (chicken biryani), but you can read theContinue reading “Culinary Tour de Force”

A New Currency

Aitch’s work entailed a fair bit of travel. Daily, overnight, local flights, even some overseas conferences. One night before she left to the Midlands on conference she told the kids she’d be away and the subject of bribery came up. She was told politely but firmly that “a hug and a kiss are NOT OKContinue reading “A New Currency”

I Sold My Kombi Roofrack

Didn’t think I ever would, but I have the trailer now. “Tell me a story and get a discount” I said in my ad on gumtree.co.za “I’m going hunting in Namibia said the man in Cape Town – and it’s going to cost me courier fees”. He got R1000 off! Paid only R4000 – Whattabargain!Continue reading “I Sold My Kombi Roofrack”

Mom, Moz and Morphine

On 24 June 2011, Pete <pete@sheila.co.za> wrote: Hi Jayne Wanting to get to Mozambique for snorkeling soonest. Trish not well at all and wants to go snorkeling and I’m trying to arrange. Phone +2**2394*002 if you can. Hope and trust all well with you? And your gang? Our kids well – just rattled. Thanks LoveContinue reading “Mom, Moz and Morphine”