Oh Dear, What Can The Matter Be?

Two Teenagers Got Locked In The Lavatory They Were There From Monday to Saturdee (well, Monday 8pm to 9pm anyway). Jess and Jordie went to the bathroom together (don’t ask – teenagers) and that was it. With Aitch-like burglar guards the window was out of the question. I tried all sorts of levering and hammeringContinue reading “Oh Dear, What Can The Matter Be?”

Thy Ox and My Ass

On a boys getaway weekend to Manteku on the WildCoast my kombi makes it easily down to Drifters’ camp, though I do think Uh! Oh! as we drive down, Might be interesting getting out! Five glorious days later we pack up and head out. But it has rained and the hill is too much forContinue reading “Thy Ox and My Ass”