RIP Iona

Trish’s mom Iona died this week aged 90. Her Dad Neil passed away in 2013 just short of his 88th birthday. Poor Iona was not happy after Neil’s death, having to move into a home, then earlier this year into frail care. She remained feisty, but in pain from a crumbling hip. She missed Neil’s amazing care and she missed Trish. Her surviving daughter Janet was her last remaining comfort, but so far away.

At the end she suffered two ?strokes within the last few days which hastened the end. Janet got down from Botswana in time to make her last two days more comfortable.

Neither Neil nor Iona wanted any fuss – no funeral, no service, but I’m so glad Janet decided to have a little wake gathering of good friends where we spoke about life and drank to health, fun, friends, memories and dammitall.

Their ashes joined Trish’s in our garden.

What you say?

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