Twelve Year Expiries?

Another twelve-year-old has gone west. Flaky the snaky that TomTom got when he was five has shuffled off this mortal coil. Expired. She was fine and ate her last supper – the usual whole rare mouse – with hungry focus a few days before. Then I saw her uncharacteristically out of her shelter and exposed. […]

Jess and her Tummy Mummy

Jessie’s Tummy Mummy Thembi became a good friend thanks to Aitch and her conscientious follow-up and ‘adoption’ of Thembi. Aitch nurtured her and encouraged and empowered her. She arranged classes such as computer and sewing courses; she had her teeth seen to and hugely improved by the state orthodontists at Addington and King Edward hospitals. […]

R.I.P Neil ::: 1925 – 2013 – Trish’s Daddy

On Sunday, July 14, 2013, pete wrote: Trish’s dear old Dad Neil shuffled off quietly yesterday. As always no fuss. Made sure the family knew “No funeral, no memorial service, no nothing” before he went. Broke his hip two weeks ago and although he got wonderful free treatment at the Prince Mshiyeni state hospital and […]

Mom, Moz and Morphine

On 24 June 2011 08:44, Pete <> wrote: Hi Jayne Wanting to get to Mozambique for snorkelling soonest. Trish not well at all and wants to go snorkelling and I’m trying to arrange. Phone +2*2394*002 if you can. Hope and trust all well with you? And your gang? Our kids well – just rattled. Thanks […]