Everyone knows how to be cautious at an ATM. Do not allow yourself to be distracted. I’m wide awake, so when the guy ahead of me said “Eish, they’ve changed their system, but I managed to get my cash,” I smiled and moved on. When he offered to help me I shoo’d him off. He persisited and shoved next to me and pointed at the screen and babbled his tale. Pest. He looked like a bit of a smiling simpleton. I felt sorry for him, but I firmly told him I can do this, I don’t need your help. Buzz off please. He hovered nearby as I made to withdraw some cash to loan to Tommy’s mate Jose. They were waiting in the car. The white Ford Ranger 4X2 diesel. Next minute my card was stuck in the machine and he was gone. I got no cash.

One minute later as I was phoning the bank about the stuck card, my phone beeped: R3000 withdrawal – my max amount.

How the HELL did he do that!? He was gone.

So I was wrong: He was no simpleton. But then again, maybe I was actually right: There WAS one simpleton in that ATM booth this Sunday.



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