Money’s Worth

Hey, I went haring around on my bike on Sunday – first time in a long time! A friend took the kids on the 10km fun ride, so I had no-one to shepherd and could indulge meself. This was just like the old days. Single track, through pine forests, up and down rocky paths, acrossContinue reading “Money’s Worth”

Cycling: Talks like Contador

One year Aitch and I did the mini-Shova cycle ride. Held on the same day as the tougher, longer “Amashovashova” it’s the easy part: 38km from Hillcrest downhill all the way to the sea. On the way we chatted and decided “Next year we must do it with the kids – they’ll love it”. SadlyContinue reading “Cycling: Talks like Contador”

Bicycles in the Bush

Dusted off the bikes and threw them on the back of the bakkie and headed off to Albert Falls Dam for our first mountain bike ride in years. Picked up a friend for Tom and a friend for Jess. Two more bikes. Got there too late for the official start, so no hurry. Took theContinue reading “Bicycles in the Bush”

Four Wild Toppies on the Old Coast

Secret Diary of a trip down mammary lane. It wasn’t that we were actually, y’know, OLD, but . . . well, we needed a break and a brief flashback to our glory days, when the chicks used to hurl themselves at us. Well, that one. In the harbour, remember?So we piled into a kombi andContinue reading “Four Wild Toppies on the Old Coast”