Dream On

Wake up TomTom, time to get up.

Ah no Dad, just let me finish my dream. OK, but fast forward it, fella.

Five mins later:
Come on, up you get!

It’s about Father Christmas, Dad. Well, to stay on his good side you better get up, my boy.
He LOVES me Dad, I’m his best client!


A letter from an earlier time – dictated to Ma Aitch:

Tom letter Father Xmas

Xmastime Hedge Mail

Jess was 12 and Tom was 8 and even though they would (sort of) believe me when I would say: “Err on the side of spoiling your Mom n Dad, and listening to your Mom n Dad if you want Xmas gifts”, they felt they would hedge their bets and write to Santa as well.

Off they toddled up the road to the PnP centre with their aunt Janet, visiting from Botswana, to post their petitions in the big red letter box.

Jess had given me a copy of hers. It said “Please may I have . . “ before each and every separate request. Extreme politeness was evident.

Tom’s envelope was addressed to Father C. Jess thought it would be better to address hers to Santa C – more formal. Janet had helped with the spelling.

All together now they shoved them through the slot and turned to go.
After two paces, Tom swung round, looked hard at the slot and said sternly:  “Read them, OK?”



Below an earlier – 2007 – letter:

Jessie Dec2007 Age 10