Natural Health Drink

The conifers are a wonderful group of trees including pines, yellow-woods, redwoods, junipers, cypresses, larch and spruce trees. From the bark and sap of the pine one can distill TURPENTINE; and From the berries of the juniper one can distill GIN. – . . . sort of . . . YAY!! Juniper berries are actuallyContinue reading “Natural Health Drink”

Namibia Birding Trip

Geoffrey Kay, birding optometrist, put together a trip to Namibia in 1986. We landed in Windhoek, picked up a VW kombi and rigged it up with a nice big hebcooler in the back. Ice, beer, gin & tonic. Now we were ready for any emergency. West to Daan Viljoen game park where a lion’s roarContinue reading “Namibia Birding Trip”