I Was Sure It Was Intelligence

Tim Noakes says it’s cowardice! I have always stopped (way) shy of really pushing my body. My mantra is a firm “No Pain, No Pain”. Intelligence or cowardice? Intelligence, of course, IMNSHO. But: —————— . . . . Noakes tells the central-governor story in a narrative form that’s almost, well … almost readable. I’m notContinue reading “I Was Sure It Was Intelligence”

Pfft! We’ll Beat Him!

Brauer was running Comrades. Successfully. I was definitely not – not even unsuccesfully yet. I had always thought running was easy – you just put one foot in front of the other, how hard can it be? I couldn’t understand how they wrote books about it. I mean c’mon! So I joined him on aContinue reading “Pfft! We’ll Beat Him!”