Home Truths

We were talking about delayed gratification and I was saying I think its a necessary and powerful skill – and historical. And I could tell a ‘today’ story to illustrate the absence of the ability to delay gratification in the terrible Youth Of Today: I spent my morning at Home Affairs today. Bear with me,Continue reading “Home Truths”

(Adult eyes only) A Holiday Not to be Repeated

The recipe: Take a 5-star hotel. Fill it to the brim: Every bed occupied – 2700 people. Add 760 staff. Then lock the doors. Lock all the exits. They call it a luxury cruise, and people queue to go on one. They queue and they queue. Queue to get through customs; Queue to present yourContinue reading “(Adult eyes only) A Holiday Not to be Repeated”

Did You Got a Licence?

It’s time to renew my driver’s licence. This is where my procrastination kicks in. Usually I’m “Never put off till tomorrow what you can put off till the next day”, but eventually I gotta go. I’m LATE! So I test my own eyes, fill in my own driver’s vision form and get to Rossburgh VehicleContinue reading “Did You Got a Licence?”