Hip Hop Life Lessons

Entrepreneurs’ Day at school. Kids are selling samoosas, boerie rolls, sweets, cupcakes, biryani. What are you going to do, Jess? “Me and Aik are going to give dance lessons, Dad. Hip Hop”. OK. She made a poster, cut a CD, cleared a classroom. And nobody showed up. I hung around, thinking Oh well, every outcomeContinue reading “Hip Hop Life Lessons”

Face Your Fears

TomTom was after yet another new must-have: A Hero factory something-or-other. The Wizard, or Rocka or something. No. – “Aw, Pleeez Dad”. – No – too expensive. Withdrawing for a while, he decides pleading isn’t working, gotta try a new tactic: Strolling up to me, he grabs me around the shoulder and lays his headContinue reading “Face Your Fears”

Generous Souls

Off we went to St Lucia estuary for a camping long weekend. Let’s take the minimum guys, we can buy food locally. Just clear out the fridge and bread bin and let’s go. We’ll buy charcoal and meat and etc from the local Spar. I didn’t even take any wine!Let’s take a tent for theContinue reading “Generous Souls”

Did You Got a Licence?

It’s time to renew my driver’s licence. This is where my procrastination kicks in. Usually I’m “Never put off till tomorrow what you can put off till the next day”, but eventually I gotta go. I’m LATE! So I test my own eyes, fill in my own driver’s vision form and get to Rossburgh VehicleContinue reading “Did You Got a Licence?”