Luke Flew out the Train Window

There were two birthdays on the steam train and the pictures are from Tom’s. He turned four. 2005. Aitch arranged a magic day after much preparation, cake-construction and Mom-liaison. Here she orchestrates: I was on the train and we had a lovely day. Later Luke, Tom’s big china, turned four and had the same birthday.Continue reading “Luke Flew out the Train Window”

Phelophepa! – Good Health!

‘phelophepa’ A combination Sesotho / Setswana word, it means ‘good clean health’. I had volunteered on the train before, in Bergville; Now Trish and I joined it in Underberg. At the time it was a pet project of Jannie Ferreira, optometry professor at RAU (now the University of Johannesburg). So it was full of RAUContinue reading “Phelophepa! – Good Health!”