Phelophepa! – Good Health!

‘phelophepa’ A combination Sesotho / Setswana word, it means ‘good clean health’. I had volunteered on the train before, in Bergville; Now Trish and I joined it in Underberg. At the time it was a pet project of Jannie Ferreira, optometry professor at RAU (now the University of Johannesburg). So it was full of RAUContinue reading “Phelophepa! – Good Health!”


Its amazing that old oke in the middle is still ALIVE! In that photo you see 150 years of contact lens practice, lecturing, innovation and expertise. It’s clear from the way their specs are carefully centred that these okes KNOW their contact lenses! Sid Saks on the left started practising as an optometrist around 1958,Continue reading “‘Samiracle”