Recycling Toilet Water

Durban is finally waking up and planning to start recycling waste water. When? Who knows. Most people will be pleased and see the common sense; A few will be saying Ew! We’re gonna be drinking toilet water?! On the facebook group Durban’s Dogs the repeated question has been So What’s The Big Deal, Man? Arf!Continue reading “Recycling Toilet Water”

Off the Grid – A Confession

Going off the (electricity and water) grid is too much of  mission and the costs don’t justify it. And I hate it that I just said that, so I’m committing to re-looking at it. Last time I looked at solar water heating (meant to be the no-brainer) the cost was so much higher than EskomContinue reading “Off the Grid – A Confession”

Earth’s Precious Water

All of Earth’s water – every drop – salt & fresh That large blue sphere over America represents all of Earth’s water. Its diameter is about 1370km (more than the distance from Pretoria to Cape Town) and has a volume of about 1,386,000,000 cubic kilometers). This sphere includes all of the water in the oceans,Continue reading “Earth’s Precious Water”

A horse of a different kettle of fish

We got a new kettle. The fancy black round Russell & Hobbs started leaking and that irritated me as it was only a year (or three? four?) old and I thought stuffit, so I dug the camping kettle out of the ammo box in the garage and we became Team Liquigas. So I got toContinue reading “A horse of a different kettle of fish”