Aitch’s Dogs

TC was her first dog, and she was Aitch’s favourite. She arrived while we were still living in our flat in Marriott road. She was a flat dog for a month or two and couldn’t believe the wide open spaces of our first suburban home. … … … Then Matt (because he wasn’t glossy whenContinue reading “Aitch’s Dogs”

Recycling Toilet Water

Durban is finally waking up and planning to start recycling waste water. When? Who knows. Most people will be pleased and see the common sense; A few will be saying Ew! We’re gonna be drinking toilet water?! On the facebook group Durban’s Dogs the repeated question has been So What’s The Big Deal, Man? Arf!Continue reading “Recycling Toilet Water”

Lab Report

Approaching her 84th dog-year birthday Sambucca started with a red eye which started to bulge. This followed a long slow period in which she went grey, then white, then hard-of-hearing, then hard-of-seeing. She’s still full of beans and has a robust appetite, but the intermittent bulging red eye was not normal. A trip to theContinue reading “Lab Report”

Houdini the Hound

When Aitch rescued her from the vet – who gave her a sob story that the poor dog faced imminent execution due to persistent wandering which had driven more than owner to despair. Jessica called her Honey, for her lovely blonde-y coat. But when I inspected his undercarriage I explained Honey was a him, butContinue reading “Houdini the Hound”

Famous Jock and My Jock

I read Jock of the Bushveld again. No, I don’t know for the how-manieth time. I enjoy it every time. Percy Fitzpatrick wrote this classic about the lowveld on the highveld: On his farm Buckland Downs in the Harrismith district. Always gets me thinking of my Jock in high school: . . and then inContinue reading “Famous Jock and My Jock”