Family Gatherings

Gathering the troops for family meetings used to be hard. You’d no sooner get one to the table than they had disappeared when you got back with the other. Not anymore: For instant family gatherings, with everyone – including Cecilia – crowded round the router with a WTF look on their faces, just switch offContinue reading “Family Gatherings”

Surviving Off The Grid – The Essentials

So we have no electricity and its getting dark and the kids are all over me, outraged! Dad! There’s no electricity! Yes, I say, I can see that. Why!? they ask. Uh, mumble mumble, payment mumble, I mumble. Soon I have to confess: I paid late and we got cut off. Now there’s a re-connectionContinue reading “Surviving Off The Grid – The Essentials”

Mkhuze Camping

While I was pitching camp Jess came running to me with a horrified look on her face. She must have seen a snake or a leopard, I’m sure. “DAD!!” she says breathlessly, horrified, stricken. “DAD!! There’s no wifi here!!” Her idea of hell. =======ooo000ooo======= Embarrassing note:I am good at giving advice. If you ask meContinue reading “Mkhuze Camping”