On Having Dof Friends

It’s a real challenge. This having to navigate the world surrounded by dof friends. I wrote to my ‘friends’ – it might have been early one morning; they might not have been fully awake: -original message-Subject: Where’s that?From: Pete <pete@sheila.co.za>Date: 06/06/2011 I was embarrassed that I had never heard of Sanya, a city that lookedContinue reading “On Having Dof Friends”

Now they’re called . .

. . screenagers. This was new to me. Here we are, screenagers. Their screen-centric devices have become appendages they cannot live without, their dependency on real-time consumption, constant connectivity and an ever-expanding universe of expectations just grows, their digital maturity reaching new and higher levels. Get used to it! Not only are there ever-more digitalContinue reading “Now they’re called . .”

Hello Jessica speaking

Jessie answers the phone in her usual polite way: Hello Jessica speaking how may I please help you? Followed by wide-eyed silence, then Hello Rita. Rita had answered ‘I’ll have two pizzas, please. Large, with extra cheese, and a Pepsi.’ That floored ole Jess. She’s still giggling about it. ~~~oo0oo~~~ ~~~oo0oo~~~

Traffic Directions / Life Advice

We’d had supper and imbibed a few with Rita and a gang of her – now also our – friends and were on our way to a club, recommended by the guys. Much hilarity in the rented car. I was driving and Aitch was directing, her being a Cape Town local. At an intersection sheContinue reading “Traffic Directions / Life Advice”