Lockdown Lookback -3

Another random re-post from way back called: “Uh, Correction, Mrs Bedford!” from my pre-marriage blog vrystaatconfessions.com – chosen as I was recently sent 48yr-old evidence by a classmate! In 1969 a bunch of us were taken to Durban to watch a rugby test match – Springboks against the Australian Wallabies. “Our” Tommy Bedford was captainContinue reading “Lockdown Lookback -3”

Bain of Harrismith

My granny Annie had an older brother Ginger. He was the oldest of the seven Royal Bains and a great sportsman. They owned the Royal Hotel and were not to be confused with the Central Bains, who owned the Central Hotel! This old report was reprinted in the 1997 Hilton vs Michaelhouse sports day brochure: Continue reading “Bain of Harrismith”

Rugby Taifuu

Everyone has heard of Kamikaze, Karate and FuckuOkies, and they know you shouldn’t mess with these Japaneeziz ous; So when Sonny Bill bumped into one of the Japanese jockeys that verpletter’d the Oirish, he was thankful he was wearing dark-coloured trousers. The thing is these little okes – like this real live one with SonnyContinue reading “Rugby Taifuu”

Possible Lost Opportunity

In the shadow of old Platberg this weekend I sat down to lunch with an array of superb swimmers at my table. On my right was Sonja du Plessis, Top Ten swimmer; and on my right was Lyn du Plessis, Top Ten swimmer; and on my right was Pierre du Plessis, Top Ten swimmer. AndContinue reading “Possible Lost Opportunity”

Wisdom & Insight

Note this WhatsApp chat – I’m in green, of course. Bruce is in white. Note how Bruce tried to side-step halfway by bring in some Algerian, when we all know Algerians suck at rugby. ——-ooo000ooo——- The stats for the game make amazing reading. The All Blacks won everything except the game: ON ATTACK: TRIES –Continue reading “Wisdom & Insight”

Accurate Reporting

In the 2016 rugby season I wrote: Affies came to Westville this past weekend and SLAUGHTERED us. I don’t think we won a single rugger match. Our firsts lost 65-0. Today the local free rag arrived and I caught a glimpse of the sport heading and did a double-take: “Westville slays Pretoria giant” Turns outContinue reading “Accurate Reporting”

Generations: The (rugby) Legacy

I lost a bet to Tom with the Springboks’ loss to the All Blacks this weekend. Paying up was painless compared to sitting with him watching the match! Then Sunday I went to Pietermaritzburg where I got a blow-by-blow “Hoor Weer” of the match from the Ole Man. Both my deskundiges cannot BELIEVE how theContinue reading “Generations: The (rugby) Legacy”

Playing in the Snow

“Dad why are these people playing in the snow?” shouted my daughter Jessie. This happened in 2014 but to tell the story I have to take you back to 1973: On my way back home to South Africa from the ‘States, I flew from New York to London where I had arranged to meet aContinue reading “Playing in the Snow”

Bit More Pressure in the Rear, Chaps

Have you HEARD?! Michaelhouse are going co-ed! It’s true: From next year they’ll be accepting boys. They ran up against my Tom in the mighty U/15D’s. He personally ran in three tries before half-time. Final score Westville 52 – : : : : – Girls High Zip. Zero. 0. Nought, ek se. Of course, TomContinue reading “Bit More Pressure in the Rear, Chaps”

Home Invasion

It’s holidays!! yay. They’re short. YAY!! So I get this: “Dad – May 7 people pls sleep over?” So I put my foot down and Negotiated Tough. We settled on six total. Then one arrived by bicycle and one’s Mom dropped him off. So I ended up only catering for eight meat-eating 13-and 14-yr-old noisy,Continue reading “Home Invasion”

Soccer Star, Almost

Tomaldinho! I was seeing dollars sign$ I was going to sign him up with Amazulu in Durban – No Dad!! PSG in Paris!! Oh. My bad. I need new boots, Dad! Lime green ones. But then suddenly it was rugby. RUGBY Dad! I need new boots. You can’t play rugby in soccer boots, Dad! I’mContinue reading “Soccer Star, Almost”